Get into the Groove (Or at least try to)


I’m back, beyotches! And if you don’t like it I really couldn’t care less, I don’t write for you, I write for those who enjoy reading me, you know what, actually, I do write for you too, cause hate means that I’m on the right track. Anyway, after my shining absence last week that was a personal act of defiance against those who keep ignoring Tina Cohen-Chang for way more boring players I have a recap for this week’s thanksgiving episode, and here’s what went down:

The Story of the Tracksuit: It was great getting some background on Principal Sue, just like in the good old days. Now we know Sue used to be the stereotypical teacher (even though she was a cheer coach), until she realized what she really needed was some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and had the makeover that turned her into the Sue she is today, the one we all love to hate. This all started when the superintendent she is crushing on thought she was a boy (ouch!), so she got all dolled up but at the end it backfired since he had no interest at all in dating her.

There’s a first gig for every band: Kurt booked Pamela Landsbury their first gig at ‘Callbacks’ (Remember that karaoke bar when the whole Klaine/Finchel breakup started?) and after going against everyone else’s opinions on that place and an amazing fantasy sequence, Kurt decided to go with his guts and stick to performing there. At first it didn’t seem like a good idea because only one person showed up, but it was the right person at the end, since he booked them their next gig at an important venue. Speaking of NYC related storylines: Am I the only one who thinks Demi Lovato’s talent is being so overlooked? Gal is awesome at singing, comedy, and acting, and we barely scrapped a few words out of her #nomegusta

Babby Daddy: Jake continued with his full-on asshole streak, sleeping with every cheerio in the universe, untill Bree believes she is pregnant and asks Jake (the would be father) for help. Turns out Breh was only late with her period, but she stuck some sense into Little Puckerman by telling him how being “him” was not gonna help at all, so naturally he went running back to Marley, who pushed him away and told him they could only be friends now.

Finally someone says what everyone else thinks: Blaine is an awful puppet master, That’s what we learned from this episode, along with the fact that he CAN’T carry an episode, sure, teen gay can sing like no other and have cute Klaine moments, but when it comes to bringing him front and center with a storyline, well… too much for him, that’s a fact. This was proven by the fact that he had me wanting to see more of the Lima side (and everyone knows I’m a sucker for the Lima side). And yes, we had a great Blina moment, but it was only to shed light on something we all saw coming, and hoped it wouldn’t happen: Blaine is getting a solo at Nationals. (Seriously!? I’d rather Artie or Tina for all that’s fair, but then again, it’s RIB we’re talking about).

So now my fans/random readers/haters, I leave it to you, was it a really odd episode? Did you like it? Do you know what the fox says?

And now, for the spoilers:

Previously Unaired Christmas: Tina, Unique and Marley compete for the “lead” role in a Nativity scene, there are somee sweet and funny scenes involving Tina and Sam, Santana is not too pleased with her holiday job at the mall, and she is not afraid to say it,

Frenemies: There is some juicy Tina stuff coming up, we get a hold of her future and Artie is there to support her. Santana and Rachel are at odds.

5×10: Tina is singing.


Twerk your way out to freedom

glee season 4 castThe latest episode of the FOX musical comedy gives us a lesson on the dance of the hour: twerking! And it creates a lot of teen drama amongst the walls of McKinley, but that’s not all, we also find our most once-oh-so-innocent characters at a tattoo parlor.  We had some great one liners, but overall this episode fell flat by comparison with the first three solid ones and last week’s fun episode. Here the key points of the twerking hour:

It’s Get Better: Rachel finds herself with a new rebellious-like new groove by pretending to cut her hair before rehearsals for Funny Girl with Paolo and director Rupert (Was I the only one who felt the amazing chemistry between Lea Michele and Ioan Gruffud during ‘I Am Man, You Are Woman’ or what?) and then mixing Kurt in all the fun because she thinks his life has gotten boring. So they both go get tattoos but Kurt finds that a) Rachel didn’t go trough with it and b) his tattoo is misspelled.

At the end he goes to see the tattoo artist only to find out it was his misspelling, but he also gets a lecture about where he is going and how he shouldn’t let go of his crazy -Again, we got a relatable storyline from Kurt Hummel, who I am growing to love even more than I already did, I mean, who hasn’t found themselves in a messy situation they can’t (or don’t want to) get out of at least once? Oh, and PS: Rachel did get a tattoo (‘Finn’ in her waist).

King of Twerking: After Tina films Blaine twerking in the choir room and shows it to the rest of the club, Mr. Schue turns that into an assignment with the lame excuse of using the attitude for nationals (Seriously, his assignments get more ridiculous by the hour), so he finds himself feuding with Sue about freedom of expression. And if you want my opinion this seemed way out of character for Mr. Schue, who would never encourage teenagers to do some innapropiate dancing in the halls of McKinley -or would he? Anywho, at the end of the assignment (Yes, Schue ends twerking -at least in the glee club) the club is more united and getting ready to take Nationals.

?: Wade has some confusion on which bathroom to use, and creates the McKinley Bathroom Gender Riot, but more than that, has some issues about who he/she is, which has been done to death in this show and in way better ways and with way more likeable characters (Kurt and Santana for starters). But hey! At least we got some hilarious Tina/port-a-potty moments, Kitty’s best zinger to date and Mr. Schue back as an advisor.

The Anti-Twerker: Marley isn’t comfortable with the assignment at first, but that becomes nothing when she learns from Bree (and later asks Jake for confirmation) about what happened with her and Jake, sure her rendition of ‘Wrecking Ball’ was weak, but I’m liking this Marley better than last season’s doe eyed bulimic girl.


Tina twerking! (Sexy as hell).

The club twerking.

Kitty’s one liners (For starters: Tina and Ryder, You’ll be twerking in the back!).

Rachel and FG rehearsals.

Kurt’s path.

‘On Our Way’ performance (fun, entertaining, upbeat).

Becky and her xylophone war.

Kurt shirtless (about time!).

Marley standing for herself, again.


Schue out of line, and out of character

Jake and Bree

Not enough Rachel, Tina and Santana (again!)

Wade’s storyline

Next on Glee

Movin’ Out: The title of the episode is addressed, so is Becky’s future, and her plans, Marley keeps her newfound confidence and confronts Jake. There’s also a great scene involving Santana.

Puppet Master: Somebody is the Puppet Master, there’s some New Directions drama. There are some sweet Sue moments, and Will is involved, and also the scene with the puppets is hilarious, I assure you!

Christmas: This episode feels somehow different than the previous christmas ones, we learn about a character’s past, and the time realm is a bit different. Tina has something going on, just like Kurcheltana. The latter have some great scenes and there’s a reason behind the mall performance.

Frenemies: Tina and Artie get to sing, and the songs have meaning, in fact, their storyline is well needed and feels real. Santana and Rachel are at odds.

Attention McKinley Idiots: Glee is Back

glee season 4 castLambert joins Glee. New Directions faces a new though rival. And some trouble in the romance department. That’s basically what this weeks Glee was about after returning from a well deserved hiatus (Anyone still sobbing from the last episode?) After a 4 vacay we got a light, fun episode. Anyway, lets dissect it by its plots:

Katy Gaga: After learning their competition for Nationals (and scaring the living crap out of Tina and Blaine) Mr. Schue decides its time the club turns weaknesses into strenghts to have an even field for everyone. So he divides them into two groups: Lady Gaga performers (Tina, Kitty, Unique and Jake) and the Katy Perry-like performers (Blaine, Marley, Sam, Ryder and Artie) and makes them perform songs from their opposite fav singer, costumes and all.

Pamela Landsbury: Kurt holds auditions at NYADA for his new indie band, which includes Dani and Santana, and theatrical young jersey boy Starchild auditions with Gaga’s “Marry the Night” prompting Santana to “not be embarrased” to share the spotlight with him, and Kurt to reconsider several things about who he has been and who he wants to be in the music industry, giving us all young acting thespians a very relatable storyline, and bringing Kurt back front on the show.

Becky is Back, Beyotches!: Enough said, we have our plucky Little Ewok roaming back in the halls of McKinley, possing an apparent threat to Kitty, confusing Sam even more than he already is and well, you get the point. She was missed (I needs mah agitator).

Boy Next Door Sam: Seriously? They decided to keep the Sam-Penny romance in the show, so Richie Poor spends the entire episode trying to be out there, super out of the box to make an impression on his woman, who apparently is secretly more like a Gaga, so he turns the entire assignment around her, until they have a talk and realize they’re both sweet Katys. (It’s official, they just made Sam Evans the most dispossable character who was likely to stay for the rest of the show.)

Jarley Is in Trouble: Bree messes with the Club, like she promised Sue, by getting in the way of the Marley-Jake relationship (Been there, seen that). But we can’t blame her really when the real ass here was Jake, sure this plot has been done to death, specially in this show, but I still marvel at the fact that Marley grew some ovaries and stood for what she believed in.


The Wide Awake Performance (Jenna & Jacob’s voices were really spot on, played to their strenghts)

Marley’s ‘tude (bout time gurl!)

Adam Lambert.

Kurt’s relatable concerns

Marley being suspended

The ND “Roar” outfits (Hello there Tina & Kitty!)

Becky is Back!

Dani killing the “I got the eye of the tiger” line!


The Jake/Marley/Bree love triangle

Too much Sam & Penny, not enough Rachel, Santana and Tina

The Applause performance (Didn’t fit any of the performers voices, except for Kevin McHale)

The ridiculously boring path Sam’s story is being taken.

Now’s your turn. Were you a Katy or a Gaga? A Pamela Lansbury or a New Directions? A Brake or a Jarley?

End of Twerk: Sue is not happy with this, so more Sue vs. ND. Also I think Kitty steals the spotlight cuz she has some great one liners.

Movin Out: This episode is great for both Rachel and Sam, together an alon, they get to bond because Kurt and Blaine are too busy with each other. This episode is Sam/Blaine heavy, however they shed a new light on some other characters, including McKinley.  And Sam plays to his advantages

Puppet Master: The Glee Club gears up for Nationals with an akward assignment and there are insecurities and questions are raised, so certain members try to calm the others down. Seniors are still on the fence about leaving Lima behind. Also this episode is important for Santana and her planned storyline.

Christmas Episode: There is at least a solo, a group number and a duet. Tina and Klaine are singing 😉

Quit nagging unless you’re Santana… or me!

glee season 4 cast

Hey y’all! Another week gone by without a new Glee episode, but we’ve survived, which is good since that’s about to change come next Thursday when the Glee Club and the Newyorkers celebrate the music of Katy Parry and Lady Gaga (They are even releasing and EP and stuff). But in the news department we got a HUGE revelation that most of us definitely saw coming: The show is planning to ditch Lima and move full time to New York.

To be honest, it was about time, one of the main reasons this whole show has worked is because of its characters, and since they already let go so many of them (Ehem… Quinn, anyone?) and the newbies are not really working (at all!) it was the smartes thing to do: Just think of all the shenanigans we’ll be able to witness, there’s just so much to do in NYC. But the real question is: Who’s staying? Who is leaving? Because as we know there are four people with one foot out the McKinley Halls, and we only know the plans of two of them. So I am afraid they ditch the wrong one along with the newbies… But meanwhile…

First comes Artie, who’s been accepted to the Brooklyn Film Academy already, so it’s a safe bet he’ll be moving to NYC.

Then we have Blaine, who just got engaged with Kurt, who is living in Bushwick, and he’s good friends with Rachel, and said he would apply for NYADA, so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing him there in no time, seriously, can you picture Glee without Blaine? (I can, Season One) because I still can’t believe he’s taken the spotlight from some other characters who are way more interesting and not nearly as annoying.

And once again we are faced with the Tina Factor. I mean, although she is mah gurl, I have to admit, we basically know nothing about her, which is why it would be easier to leave her behind, BUT for Heaven’s sake!! She is one of the originals, and I believe she deserves to go to NY, or at least to stay in the show as a regular character, if we know nothing about her it’s not her fault at all, is it? (This is why I HATE Ryan Murphy).

As for Sam, wel… he is Sam, and I’m sure he’ll manage to squeeze into the NYC side, especially since the writers decided to make him a huge part of Blaine’s life, and I like Sam, I really do, I just think they give him the worst storylines lately. #fact.

Oh! An BTW: I’ve heard some nagging and moaning about the validity of this source, but I think all I’ve got to say is: Get over it! If you don’t believe the spoilers I share then IDK what you’re doing here, if you thing they aren’t spoilery enough then a) enjoy what I share or b) Get the heck away from here. If you want my opinion I think it’s better this way, so you get spoiled, but the episode is not ruined becuz you already know what’s gonna happen (trust me, it sucks). I believe so far what I’ve shared has been proven true, but if something doesn’t show on screen then I’m sorry, but you know how this works, they write and shoot so much, but some scenes end up in the editing room floor, because that’s how television works! Given the amount of time they have to put together 45 min of footage I’d say: respect.

But for those of you who like what I do, and share some of my thoughts, here it goes:

End of Twerk: There is a McKinley reunion involving way more than just the students, the Rachel-Kurt tatoo thing is very important because it works as a metaphor for where they’re going (or plan to!), and Dani is not present in this episode.

Movin’ Out: I guess the scene with Little Blaine is “moving” in a way (it works to prove a point), There’s hope for Tina, Ryder has “his” moment during his solo (I know it sounds weird, but you’ll get it… eventually), the NY side plays the lighter part for this episode.

Puppet Master: The seniors are actually adressed!! There’s talk about the future of McKinley, Rachel is singing, Starchild reveals “something”, and the puppets work as a metaphor.

Glee: Lost Directions (Where do we go from here?)

glee season 4 castAnother week to digest without one of our favorite tv shows airing a new episode, but as a consolation I decided it was time to “discuss” about the present of the once high rated series, and if you behave I might share some scoop on upcoming episodes.

So Season 5 has just started (3 episodes and waiting…) to a pretty solid start, but since this year follows the same time lapse as last season (Deemed by you as the worst season) and considering that the remaining of the Original 6, along with fan favorite Blam are saying goodbye to McKinley in just a few episodes it’s come to the point where you can’t help but wonder: What the crap is going to happen next? And being a hardcore gleek since Season 1 myself I thought it would be nice to figure out how this show can improve once it comes back from its year-like long hiatus.

Get the Hell Rid Out McKinley: As soon as Tina, Blaine, Artie and Sam say goodbye, graduate the school with them. I know we’re still gonna have half the main cast there but seriously they will be collateral damage to bring back the show we all loved and cherised. Besides, the newbies didn’t get as much buzz as they were suppossed to, their storylines are old, lame, and overused. As for Sue and Schue, well… Pretty much he became disposable and Principal Sylvester can visit NYC anytime she wants, as a recurring, cuz seriously that is pretty much how her presence has felt since like 3 seasons ago.

Bring the Graduates to New York: Sure as hell it might not feel as organic, but neither did bringing the alumni back to McKinley every twice a month, just to say something. Besides, focus on the bright side: It will be amazing to have Tartie and Blam joining the NY craziness. Consider it? It will bring a brand new flavour to that side, more straight characters in the Big Apple (Rachel is the only one so far!), newly engaged Klaine living near to each other, a whole new side of NY with Tina and Artie’s storyline. It will be like a musical version of Friends, in a way. 7 main characters will give the show a chance to really follow and stick with them, giving them plenty of great juicy plots.

Buuuuut… before that happens we need to focus on the characters, give them something to chew on, so:

Make Rachel a Star: Ever heard of a show called Smash? Sure it wasn’t a hit, but for what it’s worth, they highlighted the process and progression of a Broadway Musical, and that is what we need for this struggling, ambitious, young Barbra Streisand, see her journey with Funny Girl, from the first rehearsal to Opening Night, add some drama on the way, and you got it!

Klaine 4 Ever?: Once Blaine moves to NYC it would be good to put their relationship to the test, in a mature, non-high school like, way. And this time I don’t mean cheating, I mean talent wise, time wise, give Kurt his chance in the spotlight, so busy that they just can’t seem to work, but they do. Since this has become the show’s core couple make their love epic, something to remember, something to hold onto untill the curtain finally closes.

Santana Takes Over TV: First a yeast infection commercial. Tomorrow a guest appearance in a NYC based show. Make Snixx’s alter ego climb her way to the small screen. Just imagine how awesome it would be to have this vicious self declared b*tch take over the tv world. I just can imagine her sharing some scenes with people like Charlie Sheen and Tina Fey. Sheer epicness!!

Wemma Babies: It all leads to that moment, we all know it, so why not have this characters sing their swan song by having sweet, curly haired, ginger babies.

Artie Goes For Anything: I believe it would be fitting to see this guy document the daily happenings of his friends lives. A Funny Girl documentary? Hell yes! Kurt’s journey? Of course! Just to mention a few, but seriously this would be so organic and refreshing, and a natural way to keep this guy involved with the rest of the cast!

Whatever Happened to Sam & Tina: Here is where it turns interesting since we got absolutely no idea what are the plans for these two characters after graduation (well, I kinda do), so sky is the limit with them! But if you ask me, not everyone can be a star, which is why I picture them having a little showbiz crissis where they decide to change their minds, but I think we can agree that if there is something they both deserve is epic love (Rachel had it, Santana too, not to mention Klaine) and not that Penny bullcrap. I don’t ship Samtina as a couple, but I def see them bonding with each other by figuring out together with their lives.

I think Tina should become a succesfull web star, maybe a blogger? Let the gal have an internship at some prestigious magazine where she speaks about self-respect, self-love, acceptance, and fashion! (Hey! Maybe we could get Kurt involved there too!) It would be awesome to have this girl who started as a shy and quiet wallflower in a position of power where she can share her (and her friends!) life experiences with the rest of the world! Talk about encouragement.

As for Sam, well… maybe bring him to a regular college, make him start a small business, which will soon grow to be a very succesful one, make him becoume Trouty Rich! He would finally be able to provide for his parents. Make Sam Evans the voice of reason.

So, what do you think? Agree with what I got to say? Have better ideas? Doesn’t matter! Share in the comments, give yourself the chance to have a voice! That’s how everybody starts, righ? A spark can ignite the brightest of fires.

Now, since you behaved just like I hoped you wold, here’s some scoop:

A Katy or A Gaga: Becky is back, she doesn’t get a big storyline (like some people thought) but there are hilarious moments involving her, a scene with Sue, an an explanation of what happened with the shooting. In the NY side Santana makes a funny proposition, there is a very sweet Dantana moment, and Elliot has a hilarious conversation with one of them.

The End of Twerk: The New Directions make a promess, We get to know a little bit more of Bree, We get to see Rachel in the Funny Girl world with a very special scene, a performance is not very appropiate

Movin’ Out: There is a Klaine discussion about them as a couple, the Kurt-Rachel scene becomes interesting and is a big part of their relationship, Someone figures out his/her future, Ryder likes the assignment ans uses it to express something he has been thinking of lately.

Puppet Master: There is a solo, and a ND group number. ‘You Are My Best Friend’ is a meaningful song dedicater to a special someone (fans will be very happy). Kitty is singing. So is Blaine. The Madonna cover band will go through some struggle, someone even goes crazy!!


Glee Through Time

glee logo


It seems like forever since we first saw Rachel belting out one of her mesmerizing solos for the first time, but there’s no blame ‘cuz that was almost 5 years ago! Yes, the show we all got to know and love has been on air for more than 4 years (that’s something), and with the recent announcement that next season was gonna be the show’s last I thought it would be fitting to dissect a little what this past seasons have been like, and if you behave maybe there will be some scoop about upcoming episodes!

gleeSeason One: Groundbreaking.

Admit it, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this season, because it was during the show’s freshman run that we learned to love the characters, there was that spark, that magic, and the situations they were dealing with were crazy, but relatable. Of course I’m not talking about getting pregnant to understand a character, but there were just so many ways, so many levels to relate. The pain Quinn felt, the shame, the anger, the loneliness, that was something we’ve all been through. Not to mention Rachel’s unrequited love, or Finn’s inner struggle, trying to balance what he really wants with whatever everyone else tries to make him want, somehow these characters felt more real than our own life.

Also, there was plot, juicy, crazy, funny, but plot nonetheless. And it helped move the story forward, it really helped us understand where the characters came from, they came together and found new ways to express themselves, they found people like them, they found a voice. I am sorry but as happy as we can be in our lives we have always been there somehow, hiding something, feeling guilty about something, feeling lonely, trying to fit in, trying to make ourselves believe that we are worthed, and that’s what the show was about, that’s what made us fall hard for this show.

UPS: Strong episodes (Pilot, Preggers, Wheels, Journey), all main characters were relatable, Good storylines, Drama, Comedy, Amazing performances (Don’t Stop Believing, anyone?, Somebody to Love, Don’t Rain on my Parade, True Colors, to name a few). All perfectly measured. Great love triangles. and also, somehow you finished watching an apisode and felt more alive, better about yourself.

DOWNS: Too much fake pregnancy, too much Terri, continuity problems (Hello Jesse St. James!), The second half fell weak at certain points by comparison to the first one (I’m looking at Home and Funk!), not enough Tina, Kurt or Mercedes.

gleeSeason Two: Bigger.

With the show’s succes it was only logical that they took that direction, we had tons of guest stars, crazy performances, and even crazier storylines, the plot was still there but it took the backseat to give the spotlight to some ideas that seemed to be there for a while, I mean, we got great episodes (Grilled Cheesus, Duets, Silly Love Songs, Born This Way) but also some felt like they were there just to fill a void, or to showcase something that could have been explained in a couple of scenes (Britney/Brittanny, The Substitute, Comeback). We also got to know and explore the oceans of high school in a more realistic way.

We got to explore more of the characters, saw a different side of them, made them even more realistic than they already were, I mean, as much as we love Finchel the Rachel-cheating thing was impressive, Quinn’s more human side as well, and Santana and Kurt storylines were so well handled, besides, the comedic side was hilarious!

UPS: New characters introduced to keep the plot going (Sam, Beiste and Blaine), Great performances as well (One of Us, Every Rachel solo, etc.), Comedy and drama were well measured. Kurt’s storyline. Also, this was light, and fun, mostly a very upbeat season

DOWNS: Too much after-school specials, Love triangles got old, Sometimes the pace and the storylines felt so weak that they had us questioning if the writers didn’t come with them just hours before writing said episode. Will Schuester’s downfall. Several guest stars seemed so useless (Sorry Miss Holliday, Mrs. Sylvester, April, Britney). Main cast got too big so several characters were criminally ignored (Tina and Mercedes specially).


Season Three: Driven.

I think what made this season stand out was the fact that it was clear the producers had a plan from begginig to end. Everything that happened (mostly!) seemed to had a reason, the characters had very specific storylines, specially the seniors, and the road to taking New Directions to Nationals to take the gold was organic (which is always so good). We got some refreshing episodes that reminded us why we liked Glee in the first place (Shout out to Props and The Purple Piano Project).

Also, the parallel between this and the first season was something to praise, I mean, we got to see how this underdogs who were finding themselves joined together to create this special bond and work towards a common goal, we saw them grow right in front of our eyes, we couldn’t help but root for them all the way. They made characters relatable again, but at the same time play around with them, yes we got some continuity errors again (Hey Puck-Shelby romance!) but that’s Glee nowadays. This season showed a variety of episodes, from comedy to drama to fun, all Glee is about.

UPS: Aside from memorable episodes (On My Way, Choke, Props, Goodbye) we got consistency in the storylines, Unforgettable moments (Rachel and Kurt losing the V Card, The Troubletones, Quinn’s road to redemption, Rachel’s NYADA audition), characters moving forward, more balance with the characters storylines (Mike and Mercedes had great plots, right?), Again, we found the encouragement to pursue our dreams and “don’t stop believing”.

DOWNS: Several characters became kinda useless (Uhmm… Will, Sue, Emma), too much Blaine solos, not enough good storylines, Tina still got ignored to the core.

glee season 4 cast (1)Season Four: Unfinished Scrapbook.

Here’s what happens with this season, you can’t help but have a love/hate relationship with it. I mean, they branch out, things happen, you can’t keep 14 members in the same spot, it’s not organic nor natural, but the bipolar nature of this show enhances through this season. As more characters get a chance in the spotlight (Finally Tina!!) some others just fade away but still keep their regular status, new characters come at play but somehow their storylines end up being carbon print versions of previous ones, it looks so recicled. And also, they bring absoultely nothing new to the table, instead of focusing just on the main cast storylines they put way too much attention in the guest stars, and it just doesn’t work. The club looses their star power even though they still have awesome voices on the ND (Jenna, Darren, Kevin) and focus on Top 40’s instead.

The New York side, however, is very well handed, those characters sure grow and mature (Brody an Rachel, however wrong, allow her to grow and experiment), we get fresh storylines. Another thing, it looks as if the producers didn’t have a plan for the latter half of the season, since the first episodes seem to have a driven storyline, with both Lima and NYC, but after the I Do episode it looks as if they just wing it. Seriously, the episodes that happen after Shooting Star seem extremely disposable, the storylines get as boring as crap, with the exception of Rachel’s Funny Girl audition. And this time it looks as if the seniors have no idea of what they are doing. Is everything but nothing at the same time.

UPS: The New York Side is very well handled, Tina gets more time on screen, so do Sam and Brittanny. Great episodes (Diva, Shooting Star, Swan Song), new relationships that are worthed (Brochel, Kurtanachel, Blina).

DOWNS: The new characters introduced at Lima are dead awful and seem old, like they take space from the ones we care about, trashy, poorly written episodes (The Role You Were Born to Play, from Sweet Dreams to Wonder-ful). Too much contemporary songs.

5×04 scoop: As we know, the ND gang feuds between Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, and they team up to prove a point, Jake is not too pleased with this, he even has some troubles with Marley. In the NY side, Starchild is introduced when he auditions for Kurt’s new band and becomes fast friends with most of them. I think people are gonna like his personality, as quirky as he can get. Oh, and Becky is back!

5×05: Rachel starts with the Funny Girl rehearsals, and she finds out not everything is as it seems. Marley and Jake are still having a little bit of trouble. A secret is revealed, and I might say that is important.

5×06: Blaine and Sam try to figure out what to do with their lifes as graduation approaches, so he seeks Kurt’s help. Becky also goes to a university, and Artie also gets to reveal his plans for the future. Jake and Marley come to terms with something that happened between them.

Now it’s your turn. I seriously want to hear what you got to say about the progression of the show. What you like, what you don’t.





Farewell to Finn


It happened. It finally happened… the moment nobody saw coming yet everyone expected. This weeks episode paid tribute to the late Cory Monteith and his character since the very beginning, Finn Hudson. I believe I have nothing but praise to the direction the whole hour turned out.

 The episode started  with a heart-breaking rendition of Rent’s “Seasons of Love” by both old and new New Directions. (Great choices on the solos for this one, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz were flawless). Then we have a time jump where andyeveryone -but Rachel- gathers at the choir room to have their own personal memorial, celebrating the life of Finn (whose reason of death is never explained, since that wasn’t the central point, as Kurt adressed so perfectly) the best way they know how -via song!

So the ones who get the honor to sing in this amazing episode were Mercedes, with a beautiful performance of an old Finn classic (“I’ll Stand by You”), Artie and Sam with “Fire and Rain”(Sorry but this was the only performance that just didn’t knock it out of the park), Santana with “If I Die Young”(Wasn’t Naya Rivera spot on through this scene, snarky comments and all?), Puck with “No Surrender” (I think the emotion here relies in Puckerman looking at that empty chair, as if he was waiting for Finn to appear and kick it out of nowhere) and finally we had Rachel singing “Make You Feel My Love”, a song Michele decided to sing herself, and God was that dead heavy, real from beginning to end.

Every single one of the characters had its own way of grieving, all of the actors had their part to play, Sue and Tina serving as the comic relief for the grieving hour, and let me just say that as untimely as it may have felt, it was very organic and needed.  (Glee is a comedy after all, remember?). BUT there is no denying that Naya Rivera, Mark Salling and Romy Rosemont took it home, like, seriously, the emotions felt so real, if the audience didn’t have a reaction from their performances then they need to get their hearts checked, ASAP! And the fact that Rachel was there just for the final act made her presence even more powerful.

If you are still bawling, or just can’t get over the fact that this was an extremely well handed episode that will go in the history of Glee of one of its bests then it’s a good thing the show will be going on a 4 week hiatus, it will give you time.

NEXT: Katy vs. Gaga, feuds, a new New York band and Adam Lambert.


5×04: Told you Lambert was introduced in a funny way, didn’t I? (Have you seen the promo?). It’s Schue vs. Sue once again, but this time there is a “twist”.

5×05: Aside from the Miley Cyrus references, a character will have a lot in its mind, Marley is singing Wrecking Ball for a very specific reason.

5×06: All I can say now is somebody is getting a solo, and I’m sure you know who that might be.


So now I turn things over to you, I wanna hear what you say, what you think of this tribute. And don’t forget to come back next week as I will be revealing more spoilers from the upcoming episodes.

“I’m Tina Cohen-Chang and I accept your crown!”


2nd episode, 2nd part of the Beatles tribute episode. And this season is looking strong so far, now this episode had two things every Glee fan likes since the very beggining: Character & Plot development, and a perfect combo of drama and comedy. Just what Glee is supposed to be about. Now add that this week was Tina’s time to shine & we get a great, satisfying episode. So without further ado let’s get right to this weeks episode plots:

-Tina got nominated for prom queen (just like she wanted) and the club realized (after all this time) that it was her time to shine, so they decided to help her be bigger than Jesus, including Kitty, who also got a nomination in the same category. But when she decided to take a fierce attitude about it she had serious issues with some people (Haters gonna hate), specially Cheerios bitch Bree, who warned Kitty that it was her the one who was supposed to take the prom queen crown for Cheerios sake, but gal decided nobody called the shots on her and continued to support Tina Cohen-Agitator. So Bree took it upon Dottie “The Assistant” for her plan to take revenge on Asian #1. Breetch got her way and spilled a bucket of slushee on Tina when she won the crown for prom queen. Owch! Now it really looked like she was part of an Asian Horror Movie.

-Santana, who got a gig at a commercial for vaj-j’s, met new struggling artis Dani (Demi Lovato), who is also a waitress at the Spotlight Diner and a lesbian (no biggie) and gals hit it off right away (seriously, the chemistry between them was insane!), by singing cute Beatles songs, sharing glances, having sweaty boobs and stuff, going so far as kissing in their first walk back home.

-Samgelina Jolie fell a little down for not being nominated for prom king and being ditched by Tina to be his date, but lucky him, there is a new nurse at McKinley and he fell head over heels for her. I mean, sister is a cluts but I guess that’s perfect for him right? Principal Sylvester fired her but he found a way to un-fire her, so… I mean, I love Sam as a person, but this storyline felt a little “been there, done that” (Quinn? Mercedes? Brittanny anyone?) and fourth time is definitely not a charm.

-Rachel was a little down for the whole “Funny Girl” thing, so Kurt tried to help her get her mojo back, which she kinda did, but FG Director showed up at the dinner ordering a cake to congratulate her for landing the role of Fanny Brice on the Broadway revival of Funny Girl (Yes! Hope Fierce Dreamer Rachel is back!)

-At the end of the day prom the glee club assemblet at the choir room to find a embarrassed Tina crying and bestie Blaine encouraged her to be the girl she always wanted to be, to have her moment, Hell! Kitty even offered her dress (Seriously, this character is growing on me, best character to be promoted to regular, by far!). So them girls dolled Tina up, & she went back to the prom to accept the crown & get her moment in the spotlight (One of many to come). At the end of the day the NY Crew & the New Directions got to perform the last Beatles song, with Tina getting a solo at the song.

It was a great episode, at first it fell that Santana and Sam were taking over the episode but the Prom Queen secuence and the aftermath were so powerfull and emotionally charged it all was forgiven (Props to Jenna Ushkowitz, and to the amazing chemistry she shares with Darren, it translated on the screen). Also, Demi was a great adittion to the cast, beautifully performed, altough in my opinion that kiss came a little too soon. If they keep up with this type of episodes, Season 5 is gonna be a great one.


– Rachel getting the role of Fanny.

– The “Hey Jude” montage.

– Tina getting a chance to shine and getting the crown

– The Tina/Kitty relationship

– Kitty’s character development

– Dantana being a thing

– Jake, Marley and Unique barely speaking


– Too much Sam

– Sam’s character “development”

– Tina’s solo being cut out (seriously? Is RIB trying to break a record or something?)

– Bree (Officially hate her now)

NEXT:  The Corey Monteith/Finn tribute (bring tissues ‘cuz you are gonna need them), alumni back at McKinley.

Episode 4 tidbit: Starchild is introduced in a funny way, his interaction with the New York crew may vary. Some students are more excited about this week’s assignment than others.

Episode 5 tidbit: Remember last post I said there was going to be a solo? I was right, wasn’t I (It was Wrecking Ball), but this is not the only Miley Cyrus reference in the episode. Other things? Tina is singing (although this could change), Marley will have something to do in the episode, and as you know a NY character gets a tatoo, and I can assure people are going to be surprised about who it is.

Spoiler: Yo as you have heard, they are casting a young boy to play Sam via flashback, and guess what? That flashback is supossed to help Sam figure out something that is going on in his life at that time, so we will find out a bit more about him.

All You Need is Glee


The first episode of the fifth season of the musical series just premiered and tons of crazy things happened, huh? I mean, they managed to smash a proposal, a diner performance, callbacks, a new principal, secret romance and a diva-ttude and made it the 1st of a 2 part tribute to the Beatles in the span of an hour! Youza!

Here’s what went down, the plots of today’s episode ‘Love Love Love’

– Blaine and Kurt got back together, but Young Burt Reynolds decided that wasn’t enough so he listened to Kurt’s dance advice from Season 1, Episode 4 (Preggers) and finally decided to put a ring on it -cuz he liked it!- reuniting some rival choirs to impress the guy -and the audience, for that matter!- with a rendition of ‘All You Need Is Love’. Porcelain was hesitant at first but at the end he said yes. Klain is back beyotches!

– Rachel is still waiting for a response on her Funny Girl audition, going to callbacks and all, and things are not looking bright for this gal right now, the director and the main actor think she is “too green” (I’ll give them green! Didn’t they hear her sing “Yesterday” or what?). Anyway, she is working with Santana as a waitress and one day she finds the FG crew there so obviously she sings in order to make them do a double take… as any young Broadway aspiring actress would do

-Kitty and Artie start dating, they even duet on “Drive My Car” and “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” so you know this is serious, but little Kitty Cat is a wee bit ashamed ‘cuz she is into high school status and all that, y’know, so she makes Artie keep their relationship in the closet, until Tina finds out, tells the Glee Club, and Kitty is forced to open up about her feelings.

– Mr. Schue gives the Glee Club the asignment to take on The Beatles for two weeks in order to create a New Directions Dynasty! Enough said.

-In other news, America’s prayers have been answered and Coach Principal Sue is back in a position of power that only makes her meaner, funnier, and way more driven. I like it!

-Tina, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying her new diva-ttude enough to expose Kartie’s secret, so Blaine decides to have an intervention with the help of the New Directions Boys after seeing her lonely and eating delicious treats at the Too Young to Be Bitter Club, they perform “I Saw Her Standing There” and ask her to choose one of them for prom, so she goes for Sam

Seriously, I was expecting a Glee fiasco, but I was surprised with the outcome. I know I wasn’t the only one holding his breath when Rachel was singing “Yesterday” given recent events… But the montage turned out to be beautiful. Mad props for reuniting 4 show choirs that are established rivals, and I liked the plot development. I think the promess of giving Tina more time to shine is gonna come true this season, so I’m satisfied, also, I am all against Teen marriage, but it’s hard not to root for it when it is so beautifully staged! (I mean, even Mercedes came back!).


Second part of the Beatles Tribute, McKinley Prom, Demi Lovato, and more Tina!

Episode 4 tidbit: Tina has a hilarious and kinda unexpected moment at McKinley. The New York singing scene will leave many fans of the show really satisfied. (Sorry I don’t give away too much but that’s all I’m allowed to spoil!)

Episode 5: Yes, we will be hearing Tina’s voice in this episode. And also, there is a solo, so far 😉

GLEE Season 5 is (Almost) Here


Well, first of all I’d like to take a moment to thank every person who is taking time to read this. This is a proyect I wanted to do for a while now, and I am usually not this nice but this is going to be the one exception, so without further ado, let’s get started…

So Season 5 of Glee is just 10 days away and I still don’t know how to feel about the way this season’s going, I mean, I loved the fact that they decided to extend senior year so it would get thee right ending for the characters that are graduating this year (Go Tina!) but the big elephant in the room this time is: What happens next? I mean, do they ditch Lima entirely? Do they focus on the characters that are going to stay at McKinley? What the crap is going to happen!? I think the confusion came because of the promotion 5 underclassmen just got, I mean, I think everyone and they naked sister thought Lima was gonna be over for good, but then that happened.

Seriously, if after Blaine, Tina & co. graduate they still focus on Lima that’s gonna be a huge backlash for the evolution of the show. Come to think of it, it was awful that we lost Quinn, Brittanny, Mercedes, Mike and Puck for their 2.0 versions, so to stand them for the rest of the season with their overused storylines would totally be a shame for the show. I think it would have been great to focus on the main characters, to have a season with only 9 main characters, that would have given opportunities to really dig into the characters storylines like never before (Meeting Tina’s family maybe?). I think a show with Rachel, Kurt and Santana front and center in New York while Blaine, Tina, Artie and Sam get to finish the Lima part before moving on would work and bring the magic back.

But I’d like to hear what you have to say! What do you think about the promotion of Season 5? Miss the old glee? Miss the old characters? Or like the new ones? Sharee what’s on your mind, try to imagine we care.