All You Need is Glee


The first episode of the fifth season of the musical series just premiered and tons of crazy things happened, huh? I mean, they managed to smash a proposal, a diner performance, callbacks, a new principal, secret romance and a diva-ttude and made it the 1st of a 2 part tribute to the Beatles in the span of an hour! Youza!

Here’s what went down, the plots of today’s episode ‘Love Love Love’

– Blaine and Kurt got back together, but Young Burt Reynolds decided that wasn’t enough so he listened to Kurt’s dance advice from Season 1, Episode 4 (Preggers) and finally decided to put a ring on it -cuz he liked it!- reuniting some rival choirs to impress the guy -and the audience, for that matter!- with a rendition of ‘All You Need Is Love’. Porcelain was hesitant at first but at the end he said yes. Klain is back beyotches!

– Rachel is still waiting for a response on her Funny Girl audition, going to callbacks and all, and things are not looking bright for this gal right now, the director and the main actor think she is “too green” (I’ll give them green! Didn’t they hear her sing “Yesterday” or what?). Anyway, she is working with Santana as a waitress and one day she finds the FG crew there so obviously she sings in order to make them do a double take… as any young Broadway aspiring actress would do

-Kitty and Artie start dating, they even duet on “Drive My Car” and “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” so you know this is serious, but little Kitty Cat is a wee bit ashamed ‘cuz she is into high school status and all that, y’know, so she makes Artie keep their relationship in the closet, until Tina finds out, tells the Glee Club, and Kitty is forced to open up about her feelings.

– Mr. Schue gives the Glee Club the asignment to take on The Beatles for two weeks in order to create a New Directions Dynasty! Enough said.

-In other news, America’s prayers have been answered and Coach Principal Sue is back in a position of power that only makes her meaner, funnier, and way more driven. I like it!

-Tina, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying her new diva-ttude enough to expose Kartie’s secret, so Blaine decides to have an intervention with the help of the New Directions Boys after seeing her lonely and eating delicious treats at the Too Young to Be Bitter Club, they perform “I Saw Her Standing There” and ask her to choose one of them for prom, so she goes for Sam

Seriously, I was expecting a Glee fiasco, but I was surprised with the outcome. I know I wasn’t the only one holding his breath when Rachel was singing “Yesterday” given recent events… But the montage turned out to be beautiful. Mad props for reuniting 4 show choirs that are established rivals, and I liked the plot development. I think the promess of giving Tina more time to shine is gonna come true this season, so I’m satisfied, also, I am all against Teen marriage, but it’s hard not to root for it when it is so beautifully staged! (I mean, even Mercedes came back!).


Second part of the Beatles Tribute, McKinley Prom, Demi Lovato, and more Tina!

Episode 4 tidbit: Tina has a hilarious and kinda unexpected moment at McKinley. The New York singing scene will leave many fans of the show really satisfied. (Sorry I don’t give away too much but that’s all I’m allowed to spoil!)

Episode 5: Yes, we will be hearing Tina’s voice in this episode. And also, there is a solo, so far 😉


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