“I’m Tina Cohen-Chang and I accept your crown!”


2nd episode, 2nd part of the Beatles tribute episode. And this season is looking strong so far, now this episode had two things every Glee fan likes since the very beggining: Character & Plot development, and a perfect combo of drama and comedy. Just what Glee is supposed to be about. Now add that this week was Tina’s time to shine & we get a great, satisfying episode. So without further ado let’s get right to this weeks episode plots:

-Tina got nominated for prom queen (just like she wanted) and the club realized (after all this time) that it was her time to shine, so they decided to help her be bigger than Jesus, including Kitty, who also got a nomination in the same category. But when she decided to take a fierce attitude about it she had serious issues with some people (Haters gonna hate), specially Cheerios bitch Bree, who warned Kitty that it was her the one who was supposed to take the prom queen crown for Cheerios sake, but gal decided nobody called the shots on her and continued to support Tina Cohen-Agitator. So Bree took it upon Dottie “The Assistant” for her plan to take revenge on Asian #1. Breetch got her way and spilled a bucket of slushee on Tina when she won the crown for prom queen. Owch! Now it really looked like she was part of an Asian Horror Movie.

-Santana, who got a gig at a commercial for vaj-j’s, met new struggling artis Dani (Demi Lovato), who is also a waitress at the Spotlight Diner and a lesbian (no biggie) and gals hit it off right away (seriously, the chemistry between them was insane!), by singing cute Beatles songs, sharing glances, having sweaty boobs and stuff, going so far as kissing in their first walk back home.

-Samgelina Jolie fell a little down for not being nominated for prom king and being ditched by Tina to be his date, but lucky him, there is a new nurse at McKinley and he fell head over heels for her. I mean, sister is a cluts but I guess that’s perfect for him right? Principal Sylvester fired her but he found a way to un-fire her, so… I mean, I love Sam as a person, but this storyline felt a little “been there, done that” (Quinn? Mercedes? Brittanny anyone?) and fourth time is definitely not a charm.

-Rachel was a little down for the whole “Funny Girl” thing, so Kurt tried to help her get her mojo back, which she kinda did, but FG Director showed up at the dinner ordering a cake to congratulate her for landing the role of Fanny Brice on the Broadway revival of Funny Girl (Yes! Hope Fierce Dreamer Rachel is back!)

-At the end of the day prom the glee club assemblet at the choir room to find a embarrassed Tina crying and bestie Blaine encouraged her to be the girl she always wanted to be, to have her moment, Hell! Kitty even offered her dress (Seriously, this character is growing on me, best character to be promoted to regular, by far!). So them girls dolled Tina up, & she went back to the prom to accept the crown & get her moment in the spotlight (One of many to come). At the end of the day the NY Crew & the New Directions got to perform the last Beatles song, with Tina getting a solo at the song.

It was a great episode, at first it fell that Santana and Sam were taking over the episode but the Prom Queen secuence and the aftermath were so powerfull and emotionally charged it all was forgiven (Props to Jenna Ushkowitz, and to the amazing chemistry she shares with Darren, it translated on the screen). Also, Demi was a great adittion to the cast, beautifully performed, altough in my opinion that kiss came a little too soon. If they keep up with this type of episodes, Season 5 is gonna be a great one.


– Rachel getting the role of Fanny.

– The “Hey Jude” montage.

– Tina getting a chance to shine and getting the crown

– The Tina/Kitty relationship

– Kitty’s character development

– Dantana being a thing

– Jake, Marley and Unique barely speaking


– Too much Sam

– Sam’s character “development”

– Tina’s solo being cut out (seriously? Is RIB trying to break a record or something?)

– Bree (Officially hate her now)

NEXT:  The Corey Monteith/Finn tribute (bring tissues ‘cuz you are gonna need them), alumni back at McKinley.

Episode 4 tidbit: Starchild is introduced in a funny way, his interaction with the New York crew may vary. Some students are more excited about this week’s assignment than others.

Episode 5 tidbit: Remember last post I said there was going to be a solo? I was right, wasn’t I (It was Wrecking Ball), but this is not the only Miley Cyrus reference in the episode. Other things? Tina is singing (although this could change), Marley will have something to do in the episode, and as you know a NY character gets a tatoo, and I can assure people are going to be surprised about who it is.

Spoiler: Yo as you have heard, they are casting a young boy to play Sam via flashback, and guess what? That flashback is supossed to help Sam figure out something that is going on in his life at that time, so we will find out a bit more about him.


2 thoughts on ““I’m Tina Cohen-Chang and I accept your crown!”

  1. Can’t wait for 5×03 ! My tissues are ready… However, I’m very happy for the Klaine but i find Penny and Sam weird :/ Dantana… Cool for Santana, i hope it will be a long love story ! And what made Kitty for Tina was very kind.
    From France 🙂

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