Farewell to Finn


It happened. It finally happened… the moment nobody saw coming yet everyone expected. This weeks episode paid tribute to the late Cory Monteith and his character since the very beginning, Finn Hudson. I believe I have nothing but praise to the direction the whole hour turned out.

 The episode started  with a heart-breaking rendition of Rent’s “Seasons of Love” by both old and new New Directions. (Great choices on the solos for this one, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz were flawless). Then we have a time jump where andyeveryone -but Rachel- gathers at the choir room to have their own personal memorial, celebrating the life of Finn (whose reason of death is never explained, since that wasn’t the central point, as Kurt adressed so perfectly) the best way they know how -via song!

So the ones who get the honor to sing in this amazing episode were Mercedes, with a beautiful performance of an old Finn classic (“I’ll Stand by You”), Artie and Sam with “Fire and Rain”(Sorry but this was the only performance that just didn’t knock it out of the park), Santana with “If I Die Young”(Wasn’t Naya Rivera spot on through this scene, snarky comments and all?), Puck with “No Surrender” (I think the emotion here relies in Puckerman looking at that empty chair, as if he was waiting for Finn to appear and kick it out of nowhere) and finally we had Rachel singing “Make You Feel My Love”, a song Michele decided to sing herself, and God was that dead heavy, real from beginning to end.

Every single one of the characters had its own way of grieving, all of the actors had their part to play, Sue and Tina serving as the comic relief for the grieving hour, and let me just say that as untimely as it may have felt, it was very organic and needed.  (Glee is a comedy after all, remember?). BUT there is no denying that Naya Rivera, Mark Salling and Romy Rosemont took it home, like, seriously, the emotions felt so real, if the audience didn’t have a reaction from their performances then they need to get their hearts checked, ASAP! And the fact that Rachel was there just for the final act made her presence even more powerful.

If you are still bawling, or just can’t get over the fact that this was an extremely well handed episode that will go in the history of Glee of one of its bests then it’s a good thing the show will be going on a 4 week hiatus, it will give you time.

NEXT: Katy vs. Gaga, feuds, a new New York band and Adam Lambert.


5×04: Told you Lambert was introduced in a funny way, didn’t I? (Have you seen the promo?). It’s Schue vs. Sue once again, but this time there is a “twist”.

5×05: Aside from the Miley Cyrus references, a character will have a lot in its mind, Marley is singing Wrecking Ball for a very specific reason.

5×06: All I can say now is somebody is getting a solo, and I’m sure you know who that might be.


So now I turn things over to you, I wanna hear what you say, what you think of this tribute. And don’t forget to come back next week as I will be revealing more spoilers from the upcoming episodes.


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