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It seems like forever since we first saw Rachel belting out one of her mesmerizing solos for the first time, but there’s no blame ‘cuz that was almost 5 years ago! Yes, the show we all got to know and love has been on air for more than 4 years (that’s something), and with the recent announcement that next season was gonna be the show’s last I thought it would be fitting to dissect a little what this past seasons have been like, and if you behave maybe there will be some scoop about upcoming episodes!

gleeSeason One: Groundbreaking.

Admit it, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this season, because it was during the show’s freshman run that we learned to love the characters, there was that spark, that magic, and the situations they were dealing with were crazy, but relatable. Of course I’m not talking about getting pregnant to understand a character, but there were just so many ways, so many levels to relate. The pain Quinn felt, the shame, the anger, the loneliness, that was something we’ve all been through. Not to mention Rachel’s unrequited love, or Finn’s inner struggle, trying to balance what he really wants with whatever everyone else tries to make him want, somehow these characters felt more real than our own life.

Also, there was plot, juicy, crazy, funny, but plot nonetheless. And it helped move the story forward, it really helped us understand where the characters came from, they came together and found new ways to express themselves, they found people like them, they found a voice. I am sorry but as happy as we can be in our lives we have always been there somehow, hiding something, feeling guilty about something, feeling lonely, trying to fit in, trying to make ourselves believe that we are worthed, and that’s what the show was about, that’s what made us fall hard for this show.

UPS: Strong episodes (Pilot, Preggers, Wheels, Journey), all main characters were relatable, Good storylines, Drama, Comedy, Amazing performances (Don’t Stop Believing, anyone?, Somebody to Love, Don’t Rain on my Parade, True Colors, to name a few). All perfectly measured. Great love triangles. and also, somehow you finished watching an apisode and felt more alive, better about yourself.

DOWNS: Too much fake pregnancy, too much Terri, continuity problems (Hello Jesse St. James!), The second half fell weak at certain points by comparison to the first one (I’m looking at Home and Funk!), not enough Tina, Kurt or Mercedes.

gleeSeason Two: Bigger.

With the show’s succes it was only logical that they took that direction, we had tons of guest stars, crazy performances, and even crazier storylines, the plot was still there but it took the backseat to give the spotlight to some ideas that seemed to be there for a while, I mean, we got great episodes (Grilled Cheesus, Duets, Silly Love Songs, Born This Way) but also some felt like they were there just to fill a void, or to showcase something that could have been explained in a couple of scenes (Britney/Brittanny, The Substitute, Comeback). We also got to know and explore the oceans of high school in a more realistic way.

We got to explore more of the characters, saw a different side of them, made them even more realistic than they already were, I mean, as much as we love Finchel the Rachel-cheating thing was impressive, Quinn’s more human side as well, and Santana and Kurt storylines were so well handled, besides, the comedic side was hilarious!

UPS: New characters introduced to keep the plot going (Sam, Beiste and Blaine), Great performances as well (One of Us, Every Rachel solo, etc.), Comedy and drama were well measured. Kurt’s storyline. Also, this was light, and fun, mostly a very upbeat season

DOWNS: Too much after-school specials, Love triangles got old, Sometimes the pace and the storylines felt so weak that they had us questioning if the writers didn’t come with them just hours before writing said episode. Will Schuester’s downfall. Several guest stars seemed so useless (Sorry Miss Holliday, Mrs. Sylvester, April, Britney). Main cast got too big so several characters were criminally ignored (Tina and Mercedes specially).


Season Three: Driven.

I think what made this season stand out was the fact that it was clear the producers had a plan from begginig to end. Everything that happened (mostly!) seemed to had a reason, the characters had very specific storylines, specially the seniors, and the road to taking New Directions to Nationals to take the gold was organic (which is always so good). We got some refreshing episodes that reminded us why we liked Glee in the first place (Shout out to Props and The Purple Piano Project).

Also, the parallel between this and the first season was something to praise, I mean, we got to see how this underdogs who were finding themselves joined together to create this special bond and work towards a common goal, we saw them grow right in front of our eyes, we couldn’t help but root for them all the way. They made characters relatable again, but at the same time play around with them, yes we got some continuity errors again (Hey Puck-Shelby romance!) but that’s Glee nowadays. This season showed a variety of episodes, from comedy to drama to fun, all Glee is about.

UPS: Aside from memorable episodes (On My Way, Choke, Props, Goodbye) we got consistency in the storylines, Unforgettable moments (Rachel and Kurt losing the V Card, The Troubletones, Quinn’s road to redemption, Rachel’s NYADA audition), characters moving forward, more balance with the characters storylines (Mike and Mercedes had great plots, right?), Again, we found the encouragement to pursue our dreams and “don’t stop believing”.

DOWNS: Several characters became kinda useless (Uhmm… Will, Sue, Emma), too much Blaine solos, not enough good storylines, Tina still got ignored to the core.

glee season 4 cast (1)Season Four: Unfinished Scrapbook.

Here’s what happens with this season, you can’t help but have a love/hate relationship with it. I mean, they branch out, things happen, you can’t keep 14 members in the same spot, it’s not organic nor natural, but the bipolar nature of this show enhances through this season. As more characters get a chance in the spotlight (Finally Tina!!) some others just fade away but still keep their regular status, new characters come at play but somehow their storylines end up being carbon print versions of previous ones, it looks so recicled. And also, they bring absoultely nothing new to the table, instead of focusing just on the main cast storylines they put way too much attention in the guest stars, and it just doesn’t work. The club looses their star power even though they still have awesome voices on the ND (Jenna, Darren, Kevin) and focus on Top 40’s instead.

The New York side, however, is very well handed, those characters sure grow and mature (Brody an Rachel, however wrong, allow her to grow and experiment), we get fresh storylines. Another thing, it looks as if the producers didn’t have a plan for the latter half of the season, since the first episodes seem to have a driven storyline, with both Lima and NYC, but after the I Do episode it looks as if they just wing it. Seriously, the episodes that happen after Shooting Star seem extremely disposable, the storylines get as boring as crap, with the exception of Rachel’s Funny Girl audition. And this time it looks as if the seniors have no idea of what they are doing. Is everything but nothing at the same time.

UPS: The New York Side is very well handled, Tina gets more time on screen, so do Sam and Brittanny. Great episodes (Diva, Shooting Star, Swan Song), new relationships that are worthed (Brochel, Kurtanachel, Blina).

DOWNS: The new characters introduced at Lima are dead awful and seem old, like they take space from the ones we care about, trashy, poorly written episodes (The Role You Were Born to Play, from Sweet Dreams to Wonder-ful). Too much contemporary songs.

5×04 scoop: As we know, the ND gang feuds between Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, and they team up to prove a point, Jake is not too pleased with this, he even has some troubles with Marley. In the NY side, Starchild is introduced when he auditions for Kurt’s new band and becomes fast friends with most of them. I think people are gonna like his personality, as quirky as he can get. Oh, and Becky is back!

5×05: Rachel starts with the Funny Girl rehearsals, and she finds out not everything is as it seems. Marley and Jake are still having a little bit of trouble. A secret is revealed, and I might say that is important.

5×06: Blaine and Sam try to figure out what to do with their lifes as graduation approaches, so he seeks Kurt’s help. Becky also goes to a university, and Artie also gets to reveal his plans for the future. Jake and Marley come to terms with something that happened between them.

Now it’s your turn. I seriously want to hear what you got to say about the progression of the show. What you like, what you don’t.






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