Glee: Lost Directions (Where do we go from here?)

glee season 4 castAnother week to digest without one of our favorite tv shows airing a new episode, but as a consolation I decided it was time to “discuss” about the present of the once high rated series, and if you behave I might share some scoop on upcoming episodes.

So Season 5 has just started (3 episodes and waiting…) to a pretty solid start, but since this year follows the same time lapse as last season (Deemed by you as the worst season) and considering that the remaining of the Original 6, along with fan favorite Blam are saying goodbye to McKinley in just a few episodes it’s come to the point where you can’t help but wonder: What the crap is going to happen next? And being a hardcore gleek since Season 1 myself I thought it would be nice to figure out how this show can improve once it comes back from its year-like long hiatus.

Get the Hell Rid Out McKinley: As soon as Tina, Blaine, Artie and Sam say goodbye, graduate the school with them. I know we’re still gonna have half the main cast there but seriously they will be collateral damage to bring back the show we all loved and cherised. Besides, the newbies didn’t get as much buzz as they were suppossed to, their storylines are old, lame, and overused. As for Sue and Schue, well… Pretty much he became disposable and Principal Sylvester can visit NYC anytime she wants, as a recurring, cuz seriously that is pretty much how her presence has felt since like 3 seasons ago.

Bring the Graduates to New York: Sure as hell it might not feel as organic, but neither did bringing the alumni back to McKinley every twice a month, just to say something. Besides, focus on the bright side: It will be amazing to have Tartie and Blam joining the NY craziness. Consider it? It will bring a brand new flavour to that side, more straight characters in the Big Apple (Rachel is the only one so far!), newly engaged Klaine living near to each other, a whole new side of NY with Tina and Artie’s storyline. It will be like a musical version of Friends, in a way. 7 main characters will give the show a chance to really follow and stick with them, giving them plenty of great juicy plots.

Buuuuut… before that happens we need to focus on the characters, give them something to chew on, so:

Make Rachel a Star: Ever heard of a show called Smash? Sure it wasn’t a hit, but for what it’s worth, they highlighted the process and progression of a Broadway Musical, and that is what we need for this struggling, ambitious, young Barbra Streisand, see her journey with Funny Girl, from the first rehearsal to Opening Night, add some drama on the way, and you got it!

Klaine 4 Ever?: Once Blaine moves to NYC it would be good to put their relationship to the test, in a mature, non-high school like, way. And this time I don’t mean cheating, I mean talent wise, time wise, give Kurt his chance in the spotlight, so busy that they just can’t seem to work, but they do. Since this has become the show’s core couple make their love epic, something to remember, something to hold onto untill the curtain finally closes.

Santana Takes Over TV: First a yeast infection commercial. Tomorrow a guest appearance in a NYC based show. Make Snixx’s alter ego climb her way to the small screen. Just imagine how awesome it would be to have this vicious self declared b*tch take over the tv world. I just can imagine her sharing some scenes with people like Charlie Sheen and Tina Fey. Sheer epicness!!

Wemma Babies: It all leads to that moment, we all know it, so why not have this characters sing their swan song by having sweet, curly haired, ginger babies.

Artie Goes For Anything: I believe it would be fitting to see this guy document the daily happenings of his friends lives. A Funny Girl documentary? Hell yes! Kurt’s journey? Of course! Just to mention a few, but seriously this would be so organic and refreshing, and a natural way to keep this guy involved with the rest of the cast!

Whatever Happened to Sam & Tina: Here is where it turns interesting since we got absolutely no idea what are the plans for these two characters after graduation (well, I kinda do), so sky is the limit with them! But if you ask me, not everyone can be a star, which is why I picture them having a little showbiz crissis where they decide to change their minds, but I think we can agree that if there is something they both deserve is epic love (Rachel had it, Santana too, not to mention Klaine) and not that Penny bullcrap. I don’t ship Samtina as a couple, but I def see them bonding with each other by figuring out together with their lives.

I think Tina should become a succesfull web star, maybe a blogger? Let the gal have an internship at some prestigious magazine where she speaks about self-respect, self-love, acceptance, and fashion! (Hey! Maybe we could get Kurt involved there too!) It would be awesome to have this girl who started as a shy and quiet wallflower in a position of power where she can share her (and her friends!) life experiences with the rest of the world! Talk about encouragement.

As for Sam, well… maybe bring him to a regular college, make him start a small business, which will soon grow to be a very succesful one, make him becoume Trouty Rich! He would finally be able to provide for his parents. Make Sam Evans the voice of reason.

So, what do you think? Agree with what I got to say? Have better ideas? Doesn’t matter! Share in the comments, give yourself the chance to have a voice! That’s how everybody starts, righ? A spark can ignite the brightest of fires.

Now, since you behaved just like I hoped you wold, here’s some scoop:

A Katy or A Gaga: Becky is back, she doesn’t get a big storyline (like some people thought) but there are hilarious moments involving her, a scene with Sue, an an explanation of what happened with the shooting. In the NY side Santana makes a funny proposition, there is a very sweet Dantana moment, and Elliot has a hilarious conversation with one of them.

The End of Twerk: The New Directions make a promess, We get to know a little bit more of Bree, We get to see Rachel in the Funny Girl world with a very special scene, a performance is not very appropiate

Movin’ Out: There is a Klaine discussion about them as a couple, the Kurt-Rachel scene becomes interesting and is a big part of their relationship, Someone figures out his/her future, Ryder likes the assignment ans uses it to express something he has been thinking of lately.

Puppet Master: There is a solo, and a ND group number. ‘You Are My Best Friend’ is a meaningful song dedicater to a special someone (fans will be very happy). Kitty is singing. So is Blaine. The Madonna cover band will go through some struggle, someone even goes crazy!!



11 thoughts on “Glee: Lost Directions (Where do we go from here?)

  1. I have a question could you tell us if this “you’re my best friend” song is in NYC ? please and do you know if Demi is in this episode ?

  2. I don’t want to start a riot in here, but I don’t like all this Kitty singing. She doesn’t have a good voice in my opinion, too weak, too annoying and too nasal voice. She’s not a good singer and putting her in every song just because of fan-servic it’s too ridiculous.

  3. The Kurt/Blaine relationship is what is most important to me. I’m a firm believer in the positive influence that Glee’s K/B relationship in particular has had on equal rights for gay people in this country over the last few years and I hope Ryan Murphy has the sense to bring it to a happy ending. By a “happy ending” I mean a marriage in Season 6 if that’s really going to be the close of the series.

  4. “Someone goes crazy”. I so want it to be Kurt or Santana !! I hope one of them get a solo or a duet in of of these last episodes….

  5. I would totally ship another dantana duet, just saying.
    Their performance of “Here comes the sun” was amazing and just flawless. But has anyone ever thought about their break-up? I mean demi has only got six episodes which means they are gonna break up which is sad but it will definetely happen…

  6. In my opinion…

    I think Marley should be brought out more, something to do with her mom. Her mom is her biggest supporter. She needs stardom too! Her voice is 3rd best in the show, Rachel being 1st, Santana is 2nd. I think Dani should be permanent, but only cause I’m a huge lovatic! More Demi music = A happy gleek!… And can maybe a quick view of how Brittany is doing, and what ever happened to the gay bully? The one who tried to kill himself, can we get a quick visit from him? And Mike-Chang and Mercedes should get some quick view to, especially Mile-Chang cause I’ve got no clue is to what he was graduating to become. A dancer I suppose? Kitty could possibly go to NYC if Artie falls that hard for her, I hope not. (Her voice is bad tbh.) What about the British guy at Nyada, let him screw with Klaine relationship a bit. And show how bad Brody has fallen too! Make him live out on the streets cause some women stole his identity and spent all his money or something as worse…… Hmm… I want to hear a Rachel and Demi duet! That would complete my glee love! They (in all music history) are my 2 favorite vocal singers ever. So at least 1 duet… Maybe “Walking On Air by Katy Perry” or “Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne”… I wanna hear Demi sing “Burn by Ellie Goulding” too! But that’s all a dream… Lol… And a tribute to Justin Timberlake. I mean 2 new albums with sick beats, sounds like he deserves it!

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