Attention McKinley Idiots: Glee is Back

glee season 4 castLambert joins Glee. New Directions faces a new though rival. And some trouble in the romance department. That’s basically what this weeks Glee was about after returning from a well deserved hiatus (Anyone still sobbing from the last episode?) After a 4 vacay we got a light, fun episode. Anyway, lets dissect it by its plots:

Katy Gaga: After learning their competition for Nationals (and scaring the living crap out of Tina and Blaine) Mr. Schue decides its time the club turns weaknesses into strenghts to have an even field for everyone. So he divides them into two groups: Lady Gaga performers (Tina, Kitty, Unique and Jake) and the Katy Perry-like performers (Blaine, Marley, Sam, Ryder and Artie) and makes them perform songs from their opposite fav singer, costumes and all.

Pamela Landsbury: Kurt holds auditions at NYADA for his new indie band, which includes Dani and Santana, and theatrical young jersey boy Starchild auditions with Gaga’s “Marry the Night” prompting Santana to “not be embarrased” to share the spotlight with him, and Kurt to reconsider several things about who he has been and who he wants to be in the music industry, giving us all young acting thespians a very relatable storyline, and bringing Kurt back front on the show.

Becky is Back, Beyotches!: Enough said, we have our plucky Little Ewok roaming back in the halls of McKinley, possing an apparent threat to Kitty, confusing Sam even more than he already is and well, you get the point. She was missed (I needs mah agitator).

Boy Next Door Sam: Seriously? They decided to keep the Sam-Penny romance in the show, so Richie Poor spends the entire episode trying to be out there, super out of the box to make an impression on his woman, who apparently is secretly more like a Gaga, so he turns the entire assignment around her, until they have a talk and realize they’re both sweet Katys. (It’s official, they just made Sam Evans the most dispossable character who was likely to stay for the rest of the show.)

Jarley Is in Trouble: Bree messes with the Club, like she promised Sue, by getting in the way of the Marley-Jake relationship (Been there, seen that). But we can’t blame her really when the real ass here was Jake, sure this plot has been done to death, specially in this show, but I still marvel at the fact that Marley grew some ovaries and stood for what she believed in.


The Wide Awake Performance (Jenna & Jacob’s voices were really spot on, played to their strenghts)

Marley’s ‘tude (bout time gurl!)

Adam Lambert.

Kurt’s relatable concerns

Marley being suspended

The ND “Roar” outfits (Hello there Tina & Kitty!)

Becky is Back!

Dani killing the “I got the eye of the tiger” line!


The Jake/Marley/Bree love triangle

Too much Sam & Penny, not enough Rachel, Santana and Tina

The Applause performance (Didn’t fit any of the performers voices, except for Kevin McHale)

The ridiculously boring path Sam’s story is being taken.

Now’s your turn. Were you a Katy or a Gaga? A Pamela Lansbury or a New Directions? A Brake or a Jarley?

End of Twerk: Sue is not happy with this, so more Sue vs. ND. Also I think Kitty steals the spotlight cuz she has some great one liners.

Movin Out: This episode is great for both Rachel and Sam, together an alon, they get to bond because Kurt and Blaine are too busy with each other. This episode is Sam/Blaine heavy, however they shed a new light on some other characters, including McKinley.  And Sam plays to his advantages

Puppet Master: The Glee Club gears up for Nationals with an akward assignment and there are insecurities and questions are raised, so certain members try to calm the others down. Seniors are still on the fence about leaving Lima behind. Also this episode is important for Santana and her planned storyline.

Christmas Episode: There is at least a solo, a group number and a duet. Tina and Klaine are singing 😉


5 thoughts on “Attention McKinley Idiots: Glee is Back

  1. You are absolutely right, Sam has become so disposable since he became friends with Blaine, now they try to make him stand on his own two feet and its just not working.
    Titty were flawless, though, and Marley just earned some points, although she and Jake hogged the spotlight too much

  2. Agree with everything you said. It’s like S2/S3 Sam is a COMPLETELY different character. The best parts of the episode were the “Katy’s” – Tina, Kitty and Unique. Or ,as I like to call them, UniTitty! Not only did they sound amazing together in Wide Awake, they were hilarious together in scenes.
    “Plot twist! Lima doesn’t have a zoo! Why’d we think it did?!”

  3. So, people are freaking out because WalMart released a list of songs from the Glee Christmas Volume 4 CD and there is no Klaine duet on it. Is Klaine really not singing, because, I’m completely gutted at this point.

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