Twerk your way out to freedom

glee season 4 castThe latest episode of the FOX musical comedy gives us a lesson on the dance of the hour: twerking! And it creates a lot of teen drama amongst the walls of McKinley, but that’s not all, we also find our most once-oh-so-innocent characters at a tattoo parlor.  We had some great one liners, but overall this episode fell flat by comparison with the first three solid ones and last week’s fun episode. Here the key points of the twerking hour:

It’s Get Better: Rachel finds herself with a new rebellious-like new groove by pretending to cut her hair before rehearsals for Funny Girl with Paolo and director Rupert (Was I the only one who felt the amazing chemistry between Lea Michele and Ioan Gruffud during ‘I Am Man, You Are Woman’ or what?) and then mixing Kurt in all the fun because she thinks his life has gotten boring. So they both go get tattoos but Kurt finds that a) Rachel didn’t go trough with it and b) his tattoo is misspelled.

At the end he goes to see the tattoo artist only to find out it was his misspelling, but he also gets a lecture about where he is going and how he shouldn’t let go of his crazy -Again, we got a relatable storyline from Kurt Hummel, who I am growing to love even more than I already did, I mean, who hasn’t found themselves in a messy situation they can’t (or don’t want to) get out of at least once? Oh, and PS: Rachel did get a tattoo (‘Finn’ in her waist).

King of Twerking: After Tina films Blaine twerking in the choir room and shows it to the rest of the club, Mr. Schue turns that into an assignment with the lame excuse of using the attitude for nationals (Seriously, his assignments get more ridiculous by the hour), so he finds himself feuding with Sue about freedom of expression. And if you want my opinion this seemed way out of character for Mr. Schue, who would never encourage teenagers to do some innapropiate dancing in the halls of McKinley -or would he? Anywho, at the end of the assignment (Yes, Schue ends twerking -at least in the glee club) the club is more united and getting ready to take Nationals.

?: Wade has some confusion on which bathroom to use, and creates the McKinley Bathroom Gender Riot, but more than that, has some issues about who he/she is, which has been done to death in this show and in way better ways and with way more likeable characters (Kurt and Santana for starters). But hey! At least we got some hilarious Tina/port-a-potty moments, Kitty’s best zinger to date and Mr. Schue back as an advisor.

The Anti-Twerker: Marley isn’t comfortable with the assignment at first, but that becomes nothing when she learns from Bree (and later asks Jake for confirmation) about what happened with her and Jake, sure her rendition of ‘Wrecking Ball’ was weak, but I’m liking this Marley better than last season’s doe eyed bulimic girl.


Tina twerking! (Sexy as hell).

The club twerking.

Kitty’s one liners (For starters: Tina and Ryder, You’ll be twerking in the back!).

Rachel and FG rehearsals.

Kurt’s path.

‘On Our Way’ performance (fun, entertaining, upbeat).

Becky and her xylophone war.

Kurt shirtless (about time!).

Marley standing for herself, again.


Schue out of line, and out of character

Jake and Bree

Not enough Rachel, Tina and Santana (again!)

Wade’s storyline

Next on Glee

Movin’ Out: The title of the episode is addressed, so is Becky’s future, and her plans, Marley keeps her newfound confidence and confronts Jake. There’s also a great scene involving Santana.

Puppet Master: Somebody is the Puppet Master, there’s some New Directions drama. There are some sweet Sue moments, and Will is involved, and also the scene with the puppets is hilarious, I assure you!

Christmas: This episode feels somehow different than the previous christmas ones, we learn about a character’s past, and the time realm is a bit different. Tina has something going on, just like Kurcheltana. The latter have some great scenes and there’s a reason behind the mall performance.

Frenemies: Tina and Artie get to sing, and the songs have meaning, in fact, their storyline is well needed and feels real. Santana and Rachel are at odds.


One thought on “Twerk your way out to freedom

  1. can you post something about Dantana in 5×07 .. there is something, some moments or whatever ? or nothing at all.. please ? 🙂

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