Get into the Groove (Or at least try to)


I’m back, beyotches! And if you don’t like it I really couldn’t care less, I don’t write for you, I write for those who enjoy reading me, you know what, actually, I do write for you too, cause hate means that I’m on the right track. Anyway, after my shining absence last week that was a personal act of defiance against those who keep ignoring Tina Cohen-Chang for way more boring players I have a recap for this week’s thanksgiving episode, and here’s what went down:

The Story of the Tracksuit: It was great getting some background on Principal Sue, just like in the good old days. Now we know Sue used to be the stereotypical teacher (even though she was a cheer coach), until she realized what she really needed was some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and had the makeover that turned her into the Sue she is today, the one we all love to hate. This all started when the superintendent she is crushing on thought she was a boy (ouch!), so she got all dolled up but at the end it backfired since he had no interest at all in dating her.

There’s a first gig for every band: Kurt booked Pamela Landsbury their first gig at ‘Callbacks’ (Remember that karaoke bar when the whole Klaine/Finchel breakup started?) and after going against everyone else’s opinions on that place and an amazing fantasy sequence, Kurt decided to go with his guts and stick to performing there. At first it didn’t seem like a good idea because only one person showed up, but it was the right person at the end, since he booked them their next gig at an important venue. Speaking of NYC related storylines: Am I the only one who thinks Demi Lovato’s talent is being so overlooked? Gal is awesome at singing, comedy, and acting, and we barely scrapped a few words out of her #nomegusta

Babby Daddy: Jake continued with his full-on asshole streak, sleeping with every cheerio in the universe, untill Bree believes she is pregnant and asks Jake (the would be father) for help. Turns out Breh was only late with her period, but she stuck some sense into Little Puckerman by telling him how being “him” was not gonna help at all, so naturally he went running back to Marley, who pushed him away and told him they could only be friends now.

Finally someone says what everyone else thinks: Blaine is an awful puppet master, That’s what we learned from this episode, along with the fact that he CAN’T carry an episode, sure, teen gay can sing like no other and have cute Klaine moments, but when it comes to bringing him front and center with a storyline, well… too much for him, that’s a fact. This was proven by the fact that he had me wanting to see more of the Lima side (and everyone knows I’m a sucker for the Lima side). And yes, we had a great Blina moment, but it was only to shed light on something we all saw coming, and hoped it wouldn’t happen: Blaine is getting a solo at Nationals. (Seriously!? I’d rather Artie or Tina for all that’s fair, but then again, it’s RIB we’re talking about).

So now my fans/random readers/haters, I leave it to you, was it a really odd episode? Did you like it? Do you know what the fox says?

And now, for the spoilers:

Previously Unaired Christmas: Tina, Unique and Marley compete for the “lead” role in a Nativity scene, there are somee sweet and funny scenes involving Tina and Sam, Santana is not too pleased with her holiday job at the mall, and she is not afraid to say it,

Frenemies: There is some juicy Tina stuff coming up, we get a hold of her future and Artie is there to support her. Santana and Rachel are at odds.

5×10: Tina is singing.


One thought on “Get into the Groove (Or at least try to)

  1. Funny how differently people can view things, I thought Blaine was great in Puppet Master. Cute episode, if silly. And one great dialogue, Blaine talking to the Kurt puppet, forgiving Kurt for taking so long to forgive him: Blaine: “I forgave myself a long time ago. I think it’s time I forgive you, now.” Kurt puppet: “You are right. Please forgive me. In this argument, I don’t have a leg to stand on.”
    The Previously Unaired Christmas episode was hysterically funny at times but good to know it has nothing to do with Glee canon. The writers/producer created a needless (but justified) bonfire with fandom by having Kurt dry hump a shirtless Santa and seemingly enjoy being tied up against his will. That Kurt can exhibit sexuality toward a stranger but not toward his fiancé was particularly noticeable in Movin’ Out in which at least two completely inappropriate hugs took the place of what should have been kisses. Glee needs to get its act together in their characterization of what has become the principal romantic relationship of the series.

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